AG2R Season

Commercial – Director & cinematographer

Synopsis : I am Season, the first building of the ecological district Paris Batignolles. I’m going to tell you my story.

Agency : K53.

Client : AG2R la mondiale.

Shot on Arri Alexa mini / Kowa anamorphic.


Commercial – Cinematographer

Agency : Dilo.

Client : Les lunetiers du Jura.

Directed by Thomas Goux.

Shot on Arri Alexa SXT / Panavision G-series anamorphic.

–   Behind The Scenes  –


Music Video – Director

Synopsis : A straight line is a continuous extent of length without breadth or thickness. It is the shortest way connecting two points. A straight line does not make any gap. It follows the direction in which someone began to trace it. Simply and straight. In a sad and futuristic Berlin, young school children peacefully learn to draw straight lines. This work, meaningless, will become their daily task for the rest of their lives.

Artist : One fifty vibes.

Location: Berlin.

Shot on Red Epic Dragon / Leica summicron-C.

–   Behind The Scenes  –


Music video – Director

Synopsis : Varanasi is a psychedelic and spiritual trip into the heart of northern India. From the labyrinthine streets of New Delhi to the pyres of the Ganges river, you will meet some really strange peoples. You are the main character of this film, get ready for the trip !

Artist : Kalki.

–   Behind The Scenes  –


Feature film – Cinematographer

Synopsis : The movie explores the horrors and fantasies of a patient trapped in a mental asylum.

Production : SD motion Picture.

Distribution : Phantom films.

Directed by Abhijit Kokate.

Location: India.

Shot on Red Epic Dragon / Arri ultra-primes.

–   Behind The Scenes  –


Commercial – Cinematographer

Synopsis: Do you sometimes ask yourself what your baby sees on a daily basis? With the new Laboratoire Gallia web serie, experiment the baby point of view in 5 short videos.

Agency : Insign.

Client : Labotratoire Gallia.

Executive production : Semper.

Directed by Ahmed Hadj Amer.

Shot on Arri Alexa mini / Arri ultra primes.

–   Behind The Scenes  –

Un jour un destin

Fiction doc series – Cinematographer (fiction)

Format : Series. 90 min per episode.

Broadcaster : France 2.

Executive production : Magneto presse.

Directed by Francois Tribolet & Marie David / Serge Khalfon.

Shot on Sony FS7.

L’enquête de ma vie

Fiction doc series – Cinematographer (fiction)

Format : Series. 1 season (6 episodes x 52 min).

Broadcaster : Planete+.

Executive production : Caméra Subjective.

Directed by Benjamin Malherbe.

Shot on Sony FS7 / Canon cine primes.


Corporate film – Director (south America)

Production: Fines herbes.

Client : Acome.

Directed by Rafael Ferré Sentis / Basile Pierrat (south America).

Shot on Sony Canon C300 Mk2


Commercial – Director & cinematographer

Agency : Dentsu Aegis.

Production : Atelier-B / Reworld media.

Client : Lapeyre.

Shot on Arri Alexa mini / Cooke S4

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